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They do this by completely separating the water molecules within the water cycle. These devices accomplish this by gently ionizing water molecules creating and sustaining a powerful water structure that provides sustained nutrient delivery, provides the means to sterilize water, and supports improved cell and DNA function. "Structured Water" is the term used to describe a water molecule in its optimal geometric structure. Structured Water is surrounded by high-energy electrons and a void in which oxygen and other dissolved chemicals can move freely. Structured Water is separated from the raw water stream by a structured water electrode (SWE), a clean, renewable, and eco-friendly electrode that filters the water molecules. In Aquamaine's structured water devices (AQUA-SW and AQUA-PISC), the water molecules are fully separated from the incoming water. Because the molecules are completely separated, they no longer interfere with one another and the energy is concentrated in the water molecule, forming an optimally structured water molecule. This structure is vital to human and plant health. The structured water molecules are free to leave the water stream and travel throughout the body delivering the essential nutrients that the body needs, without the water molecule interfering with the other nutrients. The Aquamaine AQUA-PISC AQUA-PISC is the only pure oxygen electrode on the market. The pore size of the AQUA-PISC is less than the size of a red blood cell, allowing oxygen to be the primary element separating the water molecules, producing oxygen molecules that are highly energetic and are used as the energy source for cell and DNA function. AQUA-SW is the only structured water device in the world that is FDA approved. AQUA-SW uses the same technology as AQUA-PISC. AQUA-SW is designed to clean and revitalize water. A structured water electrode structure completely separates the water molecules from each other. Water is designed to flow through the AQUA-SW in its ideal structured water molecule without interfering with each other. AQUA-SW was designed to bring out the best in natural water. It creates optimized structure allowing the water to flow through the device without touching any other molecules. It is the only structured water device certified by the FDA to restore, filter, and clean water. Structured Water Structured Water is the term used to describe a water molecule in its optimal geometric structure. Structured Water




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Aquaenergizerdownloadfullversionfree danulr
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